Mabel Requilman

Mabel Requilman, Maid of Honor

Age: 26

Occupation: Human Resources Assistance at The Federal Agency

Marital Status: Single but taken

Relationship to the bride/groom:
Bride's Sistah from annotha moddah

What are your hobbies or interests?
Being outdoors—biking, running, surfing, swimming and hanging out with friends and family and making favors and center pieces is my new hobby.

What is your fontest memory of the bride/groom?
Bride - When I just came from the Philippines--I was a loner, and here comes Arlene and she felt bad for me so she was so nice and she picked me up like a stray cat.
Groom - The time when Stephen always picks on me cuz I know he loves me

What is something, if any, you admire about the relationship of the Bride & Groom? They communicate very well and when they're apart they still think about each other and miss each others companionship if they're away for too long.

What, if any, last words of advice would you like to leave the Bride & Groom?
Congratulations. Hurry up and make a playmate for Kiara and don't make too much noise for you guys to get kicked out of the hotel room.